• VELOKS offers a 2-year warranty on the trike, including the electrical system against damage through material or manufacturing defects.
  • Warranty is only valid for original parts from VELOKS.
  • In case of warranty VELOKS will replace / repair the damaged part with a part of our choice.
  • Damage caused by wear and tear, corrosion or damage at the powder coating is excluded.
  • Damage caused by: inappropriate use, inadequate care / maintenance, misuse or abuse, falls or crashes, overloading, incorrect assembly, submersion in water, prolonged driving or parking uncovered in rain, prolonged parking without charging, deep dischage, is excluded, 
  • Modification of the frame or key parts/components, or using the bicycle for commercial purpose such as rental or leasing shall void this warranty.
  • The warranty is processed directly by contacting VELOKS.
  • In the event of any action that falls under warranty the original warranty period will not be prolonged.
  • Transport, labor or secondary cost associated with warranty repairs are not covered by the warranty.
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