Why buy a VELOKS trike and not a normal e-bike?

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  • You can concentrate on pedaling and not have to worry about keeping the balance.
  • When stopping at a red light, you can keep your feet in the pedals.
  • It is much more stable, and it is more fun to drive.
  • You can most likely drive it if you have a back or balance problem
  • Your bum will not hurt, even after many hours of driving.
  • Better stopping power with two front brakes and one rear brake.
  • Will drive faster on a flat road or downhill due to less wind resistance.
  • Prepared for more power and higher speed.
  • Will take higher load (200kg).



  • More difficult to transport, as it is wider and heavier.
  • Difficult to get through narrow doors openings.
  • Take up more space when storing.

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