Who produces the battery?

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The battery is designed and produced by VELOKS in Denmark. Only new quality cells from Panasonic, LG or Samsung are used. For 1.5 kWh and 2.3 kWh 18650 lithium cells are used, and for 3.3 kWh , 4.1 kWh & 5.0 kWh 21700 lithium cells are used.

The batteries consist of 16 “cells blocks” in series, i.e. 60 V nominal. Each “cell block” consist of either 6, 12, 18 or 21 matched cells in parallel. The cells are connected via 100% pure nickel strips that are spot welded to the cells. To ensure equal current load to each individual cells, the main power wires are connected to the cells blocks by means of a solid cobber bus, and “cells blocks” are interconnected in series between each individual cell by nickel strips. The battery box is a sandwich construction that is made of carbon fiber as the outside layers, and fiber glass as inside layers. This ensures a very strong and stiff, yet crack resistant box, which is electrical isolated.

The battery is protected by means of a battery management system (BMS). The BMS will monitor the battery and cell voltage, the battery temperature, the charge & regen current and the discharge current and protect the battery by turning if off if appropriate. When charging the battery to 100%, the “cells blocks” are balanced (i.e. have identical voltage)

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