What brakes are on the trike?

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The Trike has three brakes. Two coupled front wheel 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes, and one rear wheel electrical brake (e-brake).

The two front wheel brakes are operated by using the right brake lever. The rear wheel e-brake is operated by using the left brake lever.

For normal braking and when riding downhill, the rear wheel e-brake is preferred, as this brake will convert the moving energy of the trike into energy in the battery (energy regeneration).

The rear wheel e-brake will regenerate up to 1500 watt  of energy, depending upon how much you press the left brake lever. The amount of regeneration is shown on the display, as a negative watt amount.

When using either the left or the right brake lever, the electrical assist is turned off immediately.

When braking hard, use both front and rear brakes simultaneously.

to stop the trike from rolling and for parking the trike, you can use the parking brake, which is integrated into the right brake lever.

(NB, e-braking/regen is NOT available if you choose the freewheel option)

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