In the trike legal?

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Yes, the VELOKS MK3 trike is defined as a Pedelec (pedal electric cycle). The VELOKS MK3 come with a “EC Declaration of Conformity”, and is EC marked. This means that the VELOKS MK3 trike, is a regular e-bike with a maximum continuous rated power of 250 watt, power by a battery which cuts out at 25 km/h, and which only active when the rider pedals.

For the “Base” model, all 3 driving modes (Low, Medium & High) are legal and there is no way to exceed the legal limits.

For the “Touring” and “Power” models, the “low” driving mode is legal, but the “Medium” and “High” driving modes should only be used off road or on private roads as these will not be legal in most countries.

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