Battery Capacity: 5100 Wh
Rack, Streamer, Lights, GPS, Mudguards, USB
Gear System: Rohloff Speedhub
Max. power:   3000 Watt
Motor type:     Mid/Center Drive
Sold to:          Germany
Color:             Yellow
This is one of the “rare” MK3 types with 5.1 kWh battery, 3 kW motor and 14 gear Rohloff Speedhub gear. Also installed are real time GPS tracker, light system, hook for trailer, and a streamer. This "beast" can drive 800 km at 25 km/h on a full charge. The battery is extremely compact, given that it holds 5.1 kWh of capacity. the 272 x Samsung INR21700-50E 21700 cells are packed very effectively in 3D printed holders (see photo). This battery will provide (at 25 km/h) 360.000 km of assisted driving before capacity is reduced to 80%. This can even be extended to 576.000 km, if always charging to 80% of full capacity (using for example the GRIN Satiator Intelligent charger which support this). Delivered to customer in Germany.
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