Battery Capacity: 3300 Wh
Rack, Side Bags, Lights, USB, Mirrors, Front Rotors 180mm
Gear System: Enviolo Manual 380
Max. power:   3000 Watt
Motor type:     Mid/Center Drive
Sold to:          US
Color:             Orange
Center motor rear wheel drive version of the VELOKS MK3. Delivered to customer in California, US. The trike has front and rear light and is equipped with hydraulic brakes on the front and variable e-braking / Regen on the rear wheel (max. negative 1200 watt), and a manual Eviolo 380% range gear. It has a 3000-watt mid motor, 3.3 kWh battery capacity (67.2v), a max speed 60 km/h (on private roads), 25 km/h on public roads. Range depends on the speed and the environment (from 110 km up to 500 km).
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