Battery Capacity: 5100 Wh
Rack, Side Bags, Streamer, Lights, GPS, Mudguards, USB, Mirrors, Rear Brake, Front Rotors 180mm, Reverse Driving
Gear System: Pinion 18 Gears
Max. power:   6000 Watt
Motor type:     All Wheel Drive
Sold to:          Finland
Color:             Black
One of two MK3 e-trikes bought by customer in very north of Finland. Trike has the following specs.: • 3 motors • all-wheel-drive • 6000-watt motor power • 3000-watt variable e-brake / regen • top speed 80 km/h • 2.4” tires • reinforced battery bottom (additional 3mm aluminum sheet) • 18 speed Pinion gears • 5.1 kWh 67.2V battery • front and rear light • Mudguards on all wheels • side bags & rear bags (not mounted on photos) • reverse driving up to 6 km/h • USB OC 3.0 for phone charging • Rear mirrors • 180mm rotors • rear hydraulic brake • real time GPS tracker & alarm • boom length quick adjust • HP streamer (not mounted on photos) • fixed rear cargo rack • thermal battery management system (TBMS). The TBMS can heat the battery from down to minus 30 degrees Celsius to default 10 degrees Celsius (configurable) for charging and driving. This will allow riding in extreme low temperatures while avoiding reduced range. The battery is insolated and only used very limited power to maintain operating temperature. For initial heat up the charger can be used.
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