VELOKS MK3 FWD - Front Wheel Drive, Supreme

VELOKS's full suspension electric Trike with extreme range and traction.

The MK3-FWD is delivered with 2 x 1000 W (or 2 x 2000 W) front hub motors and has variable regeneration regulated by the left brake lever. Speed is limited to 60 km/h for the  2 x 1000 W model and 70 km/h for the 2 x 2000W model.

One advanced torque based motor controller for each motor. Torque is automatically adjusted when cornering, so no tire scrubbing (also due to the Ackermann steering geometry). Very smooth and quiet acceleration and operation at any speed. The 4000 W version will drive up 30% incline road with a 80 kg rider.

The front wheel drive provides better traction than rear wheel drive due to 70% of the weight on the front wheels.

The reclined seat, the suspension on all wheels, the three wheels and the motor support, makes riding comfortable, easy and safe. The Trike is designed bottom up for electric drive, and support long distance rides in any weather on any road.

The assist level is calculated based upon how many watt the driver is contributing.

The trike is ideal for both daily transport, touring and fun.

The base price includes two 1000w front hub motors (max. total power of 2000w) and a max speed of 60 km/h, SRAM NX 11 speed (11-42) chain gears, 8A charger, 2.4 kWh battery (360 km range). Weight: from 48 kg.

Trike can be configured and ordered online here or via contacting VELOKS.

Test drives takes place at VELOKS in Denmark. Please always contact us for an appointment first.

Delivery time dependent upon order pipeline.


8,110.00 Incl. 25% VAT


The trike has 3 selectable driving modes:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The driving modes can be configured according to your requirements, but the maximum power and maximum speed cannot exceed the maximum power (2000w & 4000w) and maximum speed (70 km/h) for the model type ordered (base or power).

If you order a trike model and find that the power is not sufficient, it is possible to upgrade the trike from a 2000w model to a 4000w model through an upgrade. The upgrade must be installed by VELOKS in Denmark and cannot be shipped for installation by yourself or 3rd party.

The range of the trike depends upon several factors such as:

  • Wind and rolling resistance
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Weight of rider and luggage
  • Terrain
  • Number of start/stops
  • Rider pedaling effort
  • Battery capacity

The ideal range driving on flat surface, with no wind, no stops, with a 90 kg rider adding 50w pedaling, no luggage and with a speed of 25 km/h at 20 degrees

Typical range with varying conditions and speeds will be approx. half of the above. During colder seasons range will be reduced by approx. 1% per degree Celsius below 20 degrees Celsius.

Check the FAQ for ranges for the various batteries.


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