Side Bags (2 x 5L)

Two black ortlieb 5L sidebags plus a custom holder for the MK3 mounted under seat and over battery.

320.00 Incl. 25% VAT

Out of stock


Made of durable and waterproof polyester fabric, the ORTLIEB Ultimate Six Classic is a compact handlebar/side bag that plays a key role in the gear management plan of all bike touring enthusiasts. Comes with a locking magnetic flap and mounting system. The transparent and rainproof flap compartment that comes with the five-liter model offers 21 x 12 cm interior space for the convenient stowage of smartphones, GPS devices and maps. And you can naturally operate your touchscreen device through the transparent cover.


  • Comes with special mount that is mounted under seat of the VELOKS MK3 (Black)
  • Reflector made of high luminosity 3M Scotchlite material on front of bag
  • Maximum payload: 5 kg
  • Includes a locking mounting system with a small reflector and two keys
  • Zippered inside pocket with carabiner for keychains
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