VELOKS MK1 – Electric Touring Trike (Demo)

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Version 1.0 of my Full suspension electric Trike (MK1) with long range and high speed ideal for touring and long trips. Provides comfortable long-range trips, where you arrive relaxed and fresh, without any pain, even after a 150 km trip.

Key specs.: Color blue, Battery 2.1 Kwh, Seat Large, 10 x 3 Shimano chain gears.

Please note, trike is used, driven 3500 km.

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The trike is designed for long-range electric assisted touring on any surface and condition. The rear luggage rag, will carry two large Ortlieb 35L bags, and the low position of the bags, seat, motor and battery, ensures extreme low center of gravity, making the trike super stable under all angles and speeds.

The suspension and large fat tires, along with the comfortable padded seat with side support, and relaxed handlebar position, makes riding on all surfaces a true joy. This allows for very long rides time without any pain and sore. Large bumps are handles easily by the suspension that has a 100mm travel, and rough surface is handles smoothly by the fat non-puncture tires.

The electric drive system is configurable, powerful with high capacity. The max. Torque of the motor is 100 NM.

A configurable computer manages motor and controller. The computer provided 3 modes that can be changed on the fly by a small switch. Standard configurations are as follows:

  • Low: Cadence dependent pedal assist start 100 w at 50 rpm, increasing 1 w per rpm
  • Mid:  Cadence dependent pedal assist start 200 w at 50 rpm, increasing 2 w per rpm
  • High:Cadence dependent pedal assist start 400 w at 50 rpm, increasing 10 w per rpm

The configurations can be changed by the driver. Max. motor power is 3000w. The trike is designed for a max speed of 55 km/t.

The range is dependent upon speed, battery capacity, surface quality, rider weight, winds, road conditions and load. Here is a an example with a 2 kw battery:

  • For a ride with a 50 kg rider, on flat surface with normal wind, using Low mode; the range will be 350 km, with an average speed of 20 km/t (no stops)