GPS Tracker option

The optional GPS tracker allows you track and monitor your trips and trike in real time, protect you trike from theft, as well as enable you to find your trike if stolen.


Real time key features:
  • Tracking of speed
  • Tracking of position
  • Tracking of direction
  • Real-time updates via Android, IOS & Web


When you turn of the trike power by setting the key switch to off, you engage the GPS Alarm. In this mode, the GPS Tracker will optionally monitor vibration, speed, position and power, and provide you optionally with SMS and Call notifications if something unusual happens, such as trike being moved, driven, etc. On the web app an alarm notifications will also appear for each unusual event. You can follow the trikes movement in real time on the APP. 


The GPS tracker is fully integrated:
  • Powered by the main battery
  • Remote control of key switch
  • Remote monitoring of key switch position

GPS Tracker APP

When you drive your trike normally (using key to switch on power), the GPS tracker is not in alarm mode, and can be used to track and monitor your trips and trike status. Each of your trips will be recorded, and you can analyze the path you have driven. (Picture shows one trip of 51.4 km). While you drive, the scree will be dynamically updated, showing path, speed, direction, etc. Each trip distance is added into a “odometer” that shows how many kilometers you have drive in total on your trike. (picture shows 984.59 km). There are many other features available as describe in the VELOKS MK3 operating manual.

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