Serial numbers are located on the front crank housing.

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You can testride the trike at VELOKS’s home at, Rudegårds Alle 26, 2840 Holte, Denmark. Please contact VELOKS to make an appointment first, so that we can ensure we have the right trike for you. You can contact us via email [email protected] or via phone: +45 61 77 57 33.  See https://veloks.com/contact/ for more

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The recommended load limit for the rear rack is 40 kg. The rack is designed to carry two bags of up to 35 L each (e.g Ortlieb back-roller pro plus).

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  • You can concentrate on pedaling and not have to worry about keeping the balance.
  • When stopping at a red light, you can keep your feet in the pedals.
  • It is much more stable, and it is more fun to drive.
  • You can most likely drive it if you have a back or balance problem
  • Your bum will not hurt, even after many hours of driving.
  • Better stopping power with two front brakes and one rear brake.
  • Will drive faster on a flat road or downhill due to less wind resistance.
  • Prepared for more power and higher speed.
  • Will take higher load (200kg).



  • More difficult to transport, as it is wider and heavier.
  • Difficult to get through narrow doors openings.
  • Take up more space when storing.
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Yes, you can easily remove the battery, the motor and the motor chain.
This will reduce the weight of the trike with between 9 kg and 22 kg depending on the installed battery capacity.

  • The battery has 4 mounting points, and can be easily removed by opening the two snap clips and sliding out the battery.
  • The mid-drive motor has 4 mounting bolts that if unscrewed the motor can be removed. (the hub-motors cannot be removed, as they are integrated parts of the wheels)
  • The mid-motor chain is removed by lowering the rear wheel to allow the chain to be removed.
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