Brake System

The VELOKS MK3 has a very effective braking system, actually is has two very different braking systems. The first is the hydraulic brakes, the second the regenerative brakes. 

Hydralic Brakes

The standard brakes mounted are 160 mm disc brakes mounted on each of the front hubs. The brake calibers are mirrored and balanced, and are operated with the right brake lever.

The brakes are Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

  • Open System, Dual Piston
  • Sensor Control Designed (for e-Bikes)
  • Design For Recumbent 3-Wheel Bicycles
  • Easy Installation, Adjustment And Maintenance.

Optionally the front Rotors can be upgraded top 180 mm for even better braking. Also optionally, a rear hydraulic brake can be added to the RWD, FWD and AWD versions.

Regenerative Brakes

All VELOKS MK3 variants have build in regenerative proportional braking. The left brake lever (with Sensor that stop the motor assist when pressed) drive a throttle adapter that signals, to the motor controller(s), the amount of regeneration to be applied. 

The maximum regenerative braking power is dependent upon the SOC of the battery, the battery capacity installed and the number of motors, and will vary from 1.2 kW to 5.0 kW. 

This feature can also be used to limited the speed when going downhill. 

Typical regeneration percentage is between 5% to 10%  

Parking Brake

On the right braking lever, there is a locking mechanism, which when locked will hold the brake lever in position. In the locked position both front disc brakes will be blocked, acting as a parking brake.
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