VELOKS and The Team

VELOKS has been designing and producing electrical trikes in Holte, Denmark since 2016.

VELOKS is always improving its products, adding new options and features, and we are planning to introduce several new models in 2020 and 2021.

What set VELOKS apart from other trikes manufactures is that we have designed our trikes for electrical drive ground up. Our trikes have been designed as we would like them: fast, fun, and long range, powerful, comfortable, and sturdy.

At VELOKS every trike is hand built to your specification, and we are happy to fulfill requirement which are not currently part of our current offering. Just tell us what you would like, and we will provide you with a quote in a matter of days.

VELOKS is a young and still very small company. This allows us to provide our customers with exceptional service and attention.

VELOKS has much lower prices the competition. This is not because our quality is lower, as we use the best practices, best materials and best products to build or vehicles. Our low prices are because we have no dealers and we have low profits; we only sell directly to the end customer. 

Hurry up and buy a VELOKS electrical trike today, and join the growing number of happy customers.

The Team

We love bicycles, especially recumbent trikes, and even more electric ones.

Lars Oksbjerre

Lars is an Engineer within IT and electronics, and have been working as as senior executive within the IT industry for more than 35 years. Lars decided to change track, to work with creative and tangible challenges. As a result he founded VELOKS. 

Anette Oksbjerre

Anette has more than 35 years of experience within the banking industry. Anette loves cycling, and has been on many trips on VELOKS trikes. Anette is providing financial advise, as well as financial support to VELOKS.
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