Fast long range electric trikes

Welcome to the VELOKS website, where you can learn about us and our electric trikes. 
NB! Due to parts availability and increasing cost, we are not currently accepting orders.

MK3 Electric Trike


VELOKS is a Danish company founded in 2016 by Lars Oksbjerre.  The name VELOKS is a merger of “VELo” and “OKSbjerre”.  

Our mission is to promote human-electric powered vehicles for transport, travel and fun. 

We design and manufacture all vehicles in house in Denmark. Our trikes are reasonably priced as we sell directly to the consumer. 
MK3 gray

Our Electric Trikes

We offer four variants of the MK3 trike with four different motor configurations.

The MK3 variants can be configured in term of power level, speed, battery capacity and options. 

MK3 is designed for electric drive bottom up, with low center of gravity, removable battery, large battery capacity, and many options.  
3.2 kWh cells packs

Our Lithium Batteries

We design and produce our own batteries using 18650 or 21700 lithium cells. This gives us the freedom to produce batteries of any size and shape and make use of the best cells on the market.

Our batteries are shock and waterproof, with enclosure made of aluminium and 2 mm thick carbon fiber / fiber glass composite, suitable for use year round in any weather on any road.

Get your electric trike now!

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MK3 MID - Mid / Center  Motor

The VELOKS MK3 MID comes with 250, 1000 or 3000 W mid mounted motor with high torque. & max speed of 25, 45 or 60 km/h
Configure MK3 MID Trike

MK3 RWD - Rear Hub Motor

The VELOKS MK3 RWD, rear hub mounted motor  with 1kW or 2 kW. & max speed of 45 km/h
Configure MK3 RWD Trike

MK3 FWD - 2 x Front Hub Motors

The VELOKS MK3-FWD, 2 front hub motors with total power of 2 kW or 4 kW & max speed 60 km/h or 70 km/h
Configure MK3 FWD Trike

MK3 AWD - 3 x Hub Motors

The VELOKS MK3-AWD, 3 hub motors with total power of 3 kW or 6 kW and a max speed 60 or 80 km/h
Configure MK3 AWD Trike
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